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Termination is a time-sensitive decision and action. You have to decide and act early. At some point, you may not even get help! 
There are 2ways of ending a pregnancy: in-clinic abortion & the abortion pill. Both are safe, effective, and very common.
If you’re pregnant and thinking about abortion, We’re here to help!

Abortion Pill Method
"Abortion pill" is, in fact, two medicines.

The first medicine ends the pregnancy by blocking the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down and the pregnancy cannot continue.

The second medicine makes the womb contract, causing cramping, bleeding, and the loss of the pregnancy similar to a miscarriage.

In-clinic Abortion
In-clinic abortion works by using the suction method to remove the fetus.
There are several kinds of in-clinic abortion procedures but the doctor or nurse will know which type is right for you, depending on how far the pregnancy has grown.

Suction abortion (also known as vacuum aspiration) is the most common type of in-clinic abortion. It uses gentle suction to remove the fetus. It’s usually used until about 14 -16 weeks of pregnancy.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) is another kind of in-clinic abortion procedure. It uses suction and medical tools to empty your uterus. You can get a D&E later in a pregnancy than aspiration abortion.

Our Mission.
At Nombuso Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg, our mission is to provide the best abortion services that help every woman in need of terminating unwanted pregnancy without discrimination.

We are women family doctors with 15 years of experience specializing in offering women the safes but cheap methods to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. We believe that all women should be given a fair chance to end a pregnancy if they are not ready.
We are able to end an early pregnancy utilizing the most advanced medical approaches in a private, supportive, and comfortable environment while being treated with respect and without judgment. We are committed to providing assistance to women faced with cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is in danger. As one of the legal safe abortion clinics in South-Africa, we are committed to helping every woman make the best decision for herself with the help of our friendly staff who have several years of expertise in the field of termination of pregnancy.
At Annas women clinic we are committed to assisting women by providing quick, safe, affordable, and legal in a private, pleasant and confidential environment. Safety and privacy are guaranteed.

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Common Asked Questions And Answers We Provide

Where Can I Buy Abortion Pills?
Here at Nombuso Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg, we offer abortion pills for up to 20 weeks. The best price is guaranteed with up to a 50% student discount. Place your order online or request for delivery.

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